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My name is Kelly and currently my life pretty much is all about shopping for anything. At the moment i cant get enough make up and jewllery! Carrie from sex and the city said it best: I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beach Walk

Just a little update on whats been going on, I got back from a very spare of the moment holiday to Bali with my brother.
Partly for his Birthday & partly because i needed a rest after the stress of planning a wedding only to have to cancel everything weeks before the day because apparently my fiance didn't really want to get married in the end.

Now i am single i am hoping that i can keep up to date with this blog more, now i have spare time!

While i was in Bali i realised that i didn't bring a foundation with me so while i was shopping with my brother at the Beachwalk in Kuta i stooped in at Make Up Forever.
They had a fantastic range of products from every day make up to dramatic artistic products.
Wonderful looking eyelashes, UV lipstick & eye shadows and lots lots more.

I was really only after some foundation but you know what happens you see other things and you HAVE to have them.

I ended up leaving with a High Definition foundation in the colour 155 Medium Beige, which is a great full coverage foundation. This is the best full cover foundation i have used in a long time. Super easy to apply and it looks fantastic! 
I also got talked into buying the High Definition micro finish powder. This is a white powder that you apply over the foundation to set it and It also matifies the skin
Not really sure how i feel about this product. At this stage i could probably live without it.

Next i bought a Sculpting Blush in the colour 08 Satin Indian Pink. Its quite a bright pink so you have to be careful with application but its a really nice everyday Blush and i keep reaching for this one over my much loved Mac Blush so it must be pretty good.

I also bought a Sculpting Brush which has 2 ends to it one for powder & the other i use for my blush. Its the softest brush i have ever felt and comes in a cute little travel pouch. Probably one of the best brushes i have ever purchased, i still have not had any little bristles left over on my face after my make up application.

The last thing i bought was an eyeliner pencil (sorry not in this pic) i was going clubbing and wanted nice dark eyes for the occasion. I made the decision to get a waterproof pencil something i don't think i have ever done before because i didn't feel the need for waterproof makeup. However Bali is......HOT! and i didn't want my eyes running down my face so i went with the Black Aqua Eyes eyeliner. This worked a treat after a night clubbing and even swimming my eyes had not budged! Very easy to apply as the pencil is a creamy texture and glides right on!

I have had a look online and it looks like there are a few company's that sell this brand. Definitely one to look out for!

Here are a few happy snaps from the Holiday.....

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