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My name is Kelly and currently my life pretty much is all about shopping for anything. At the moment i cant get enough make up and jewllery! Carrie from sex and the city said it best: I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sportsgirl Sale

I used to buy almost all of my clothes from Forever New I was obsessed with that shop!
But something has changed....wether it's my fashion sense or what but I am slowly finding myself going into Sportsgirl a lot more.
I have managed to bag a few bargains over the past few weeks but today's was my favorite.
I finally found a nice knitted jumper! And 50% off too!!

Also picked myself up two speckle nail polishes. They go on nice and easy, and don't take too long to dry so it's for that reason and that reason only I will be purchasing more! They almost remind me of those speckle Easter eggs you can get :)

I am enjoying the pastel colours that are currently out. My wardrobe is quickly filling up fast with them so this nail polish matches quite well.

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bali Shopping

I love love love Bali! The first time i went was two years ago and i hated it! i don't know what was different this time but i had a blast with my brother and i cant wait to go back!
We both spent way too much money (my brother wanted to shop more than i did)

These were some of my brothers many hats & skateboard decks that he bought the shoes are real DC's and he got them for $40!!!!

Only some of our sunglass collection i couldn't help myself they were all around $3 each! these are mostly all Ray Bans but there are a few Von Zipper ones also.

These basketball jerseys are the best things to sleep in! when i go back to Bali i will need to get more for sure... i couldn't tell you how much i paid for them we went into one shop and walked out spending $400 between the two of us! i think my brother felt sorry for them so we just bought everything from them.

My Rolex and some arm candy we bought on the beach :)

This name necklace is something i wanted last time i went but never had the time to wait for them to make it. i bought one in gold and one in silver. The only problem is the gold chain is almost black now and i haven't even had it on while showering but what can you expect for $10! My name is still nice and shinny so i will have to get  new chain for it i think.

These are just some of our purchases from over there. My brother bought a whole lot of Mooks shirts which were all about $20 each! Tried not to go overboard on crap we will never use but i think we both did pretty well with it.
I still cant understand the money as good as most people so if i go back by myself i may have to avoid shopping in the markets where bartering is involved otherwise i will have no money left on the first day!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas time

I love Christmas! I am on a mission not to let anything get in the way of my Christmas spirit... Decorations at work, Christmas tree in my room, Lots of decorations at home and of course a REAL tree in the lounge room.
Nothing beats the smell of the real tree when you walk through the door.

One thing i have found a lot of this year is Solar powered Christmas lights. 

These 4 santas were $15 at Big W same for the 4 candy canes. We must have the best looking letter box in the street! no other lights on the house but at least its something. But i would highly recommend these lights, you just set them up and leave them. No waisting electricity and no needing to turn them off and on. They also have the normal string lights i got some small ones just to try them out i hung them on a small tree outside and they are great as well. If i have any money left over i think i will be buying more and keeping them for next Christmas.

This is the tree in my room i love being able to see this while i am laying in bed it gets me excited for Christmas day!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Just after having a conversation with a work friend the other day about how Diva had some very ordinary items and i stopped shopping there a while ago, I walked into a store and was actually very impressed with there stock.

Since i should be shopping for Christmas presents for other people not myself i restricted myself to only two items. Two small gold rings that i am in love with and haven't taken them off since my purchase.

Both of these rings were $3.99 each. I just love the simplicity of them both. Thinking of going back to get more just incase these ones loose there colour. 

Betts pre Christmas Sale

Needed an outfit for my work Christmas party and the dress i had just bought required NEW shoes!!

went into Betts and found these babies on sale.... for $40

The lady asked if i would like to buy some shoe grips i automatically said no but then had a look at them and decided to give them a go! They were $5-$10 for 1 pair.

Firstly you use the piece of sandpaper that they supply you to sand the surface and make it rough.

Once thats all done you simply pull of the double sided tape on the grip and stick it to the soles of your shoes! and thats it no more slippery shoes. I didn't end up wearing these to my Christmas party but did wear them on a drunken night out and i must say they work a treat. So i would do yourself a favour and buy these for all of your sky high heels!

Below is the finished product oh and a clutch that i got on sale also for a crazy amount of $10!
I Love Pre Christmas Sales :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beach Walk

Just a little update on whats been going on, I got back from a very spare of the moment holiday to Bali with my brother.
Partly for his Birthday & partly because i needed a rest after the stress of planning a wedding only to have to cancel everything weeks before the day because apparently my fiance didn't really want to get married in the end.

Now i am single i am hoping that i can keep up to date with this blog more, now i have spare time!

While i was in Bali i realised that i didn't bring a foundation with me so while i was shopping with my brother at the Beachwalk in Kuta i stooped in at Make Up Forever.
They had a fantastic range of products from every day make up to dramatic artistic products.
Wonderful looking eyelashes, UV lipstick & eye shadows and lots lots more.

I was really only after some foundation but you know what happens you see other things and you HAVE to have them.

I ended up leaving with a High Definition foundation in the colour 155 Medium Beige, which is a great full coverage foundation. This is the best full cover foundation i have used in a long time. Super easy to apply and it looks fantastic! 
I also got talked into buying the High Definition micro finish powder. This is a white powder that you apply over the foundation to set it and It also matifies the skin
Not really sure how i feel about this product. At this stage i could probably live without it.

Next i bought a Sculpting Blush in the colour 08 Satin Indian Pink. Its quite a bright pink so you have to be careful with application but its a really nice everyday Blush and i keep reaching for this one over my much loved Mac Blush so it must be pretty good.

I also bought a Sculpting Brush which has 2 ends to it one for powder & the other i use for my blush. Its the softest brush i have ever felt and comes in a cute little travel pouch. Probably one of the best brushes i have ever purchased, i still have not had any little bristles left over on my face after my make up application.

The last thing i bought was an eyeliner pencil (sorry not in this pic) i was going clubbing and wanted nice dark eyes for the occasion. I made the decision to get a waterproof pencil something i don't think i have ever done before because i didn't feel the need for waterproof makeup. However Bali is......HOT! and i didn't want my eyes running down my face so i went with the Black Aqua Eyes eyeliner. This worked a treat after a night clubbing and even swimming my eyes had not budged! Very easy to apply as the pencil is a creamy texture and glides right on!

I have had a look online and it looks like there are a few company's that sell this brand. Definitely one to look out for!

Here are a few happy snaps from the Holiday.....

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I ran out of my Mac foundation and I am really not liking the idea of wasting it on work days so I thought I would find something else.

I decided on the new Maybelline foundation.
One week after using it and I think I really love it!

The only problem is the colour is way too dark!
I got it in a real rush and the foundation and powder is fine with this tan I have, but the concealer is definitely way way way too dark :(

Next time I will actually use the incredibly helpful instructions on the back on how to pick the perfect colour!