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My name is Kelly and currently my life pretty much is all about shopping for anything. At the moment i cant get enough make up and jewllery! Carrie from sex and the city said it best: I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bali Shopping

I love love love Bali! The first time i went was two years ago and i hated it! i don't know what was different this time but i had a blast with my brother and i cant wait to go back!
We both spent way too much money (my brother wanted to shop more than i did)

These were some of my brothers many hats & skateboard decks that he bought the shoes are real DC's and he got them for $40!!!!

Only some of our sunglass collection i couldn't help myself they were all around $3 each! these are mostly all Ray Bans but there are a few Von Zipper ones also.

These basketball jerseys are the best things to sleep in! when i go back to Bali i will need to get more for sure... i couldn't tell you how much i paid for them we went into one shop and walked out spending $400 between the two of us! i think my brother felt sorry for them so we just bought everything from them.

My Rolex and some arm candy we bought on the beach :)

This name necklace is something i wanted last time i went but never had the time to wait for them to make it. i bought one in gold and one in silver. The only problem is the gold chain is almost black now and i haven't even had it on while showering but what can you expect for $10! My name is still nice and shinny so i will have to get  new chain for it i think.

These are just some of our purchases from over there. My brother bought a whole lot of Mooks shirts which were all about $20 each! Tried not to go overboard on crap we will never use but i think we both did pretty well with it.
I still cant understand the money as good as most people so if i go back by myself i may have to avoid shopping in the markets where bartering is involved otherwise i will have no money left on the first day!

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